Who Am I

student, developer & designer

Well , you already know my name and what i do. For the rest i can write a million lines about what i have been through and how i am dealing with the life these days. Perhaps the most difficult part in writing everything is to cut it short and only talk about the stuff that is most interesting for my page viewers.

My educational background is in Electrical Engineering from Pakistan, followed by Masters in Computer Graphics from Sweden. I am working professionally with different organizations since 2006, and currently i am employed at Masteron. More details about my employment can be seen from my latest copy of CV from the side bar.

I specialize in creating web graphics, web front end and backend coding, facebook applications, computer graphics programing including GPU programming and images processing applications. I am quite new in the field of graphics programing and still learning things my self after completing my Master program courses. On the contrary my experience in web technology is quite immense since i am working since 2006. I have also designed many themes for mobile devices like SonyEricsson and Samsung phones.

Apart from these geeky activities, i also have a social life other than facebook and i like to meet new people and be part of international cultural activities. I have seen a lot of what this world has to offer: I’ve visited beautiful foreign countries, I’ve had all sorts of crazy adventures, I’ve tasted some of the greatest food and drinks anywhere in the world and I’ve meet some of the most interesting and amazing people you could ever find. Yet I’m still curious to see and do more.

I’m teaching myself to swim better, trying to stretch more and reminding myself to jog every morning! Not to forget, i am a big fan of Yoga and Meditation and i believe i have achieved a lot with the help of Mediations and power of belief. No doubt they are blessings of my Lord and i am glad he taught me ways to struggle.

Lastly, i am always interested in learning words from different languages, Currently i can speak and understand 4 languages. Though the fluency level is not the same but with the passage of time i believe i will not only make my self fluent but also i will add a couple of more languages in the list. For now i am fluent in Urdu and English, while i can read write and understand Swedish and Arabic. I can also understand regional language Punjabi and I also know some basic greetings from Turkish, Persian and Portuguese.

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