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Drug addiction is quite common these days, although everyone know how harmful it is for life but still addicts cant find a way out. Governments have various rules to stop this spread, and the most common rule we can see is the ban on such products and quite heavy patently for those who caught dealing with drugs. But why? Is it just because drugs are injurious to health? why dont we also look at another dark side of the drugs that they waste a lot of our limited quality time.

I wonder why no one thinks interm of time, if you consider drugs as fatal and they bring you more closer to your death bed. Why dont we also think the other way as well, that time you are just flying in your thoughts is something you are loosing as well. May be we dont care, because we dont know how much time do we have in total, and we believe that we cant stop the time so let it go the way it is going. But the trust is that, every minute that you spent with you wisdom and make it work for you self or the betterment of humanity you are in fact doing something constructive.

As long as you are drunk and sleeping all over your weekend, thats not something you are doing  constructive… At the same time, smoking weed , or drinking alcohol is not just addiction. Talk more in this context, how about playing computer games and consoles? They are quite addictive as well! And for sure they waste quite a lot of time and energy as well. Not only this, this addiction is also very unhealthy as well. Usually all good gamers are over weight and not in a good shape. However, as long as the gaming companies are making money over this, no one cares to make these activities healthier.

Unfortunately, i am also a victim of this addiction, and today after spending quite many hours playing xBox i realized that i have not only wasted a lot of my time but i have also gained a few extra calories in just sitting down for all this time.

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