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The title of this post might help someone trying to migrate drupal website from one server to another, this problem took quite much of my time, and even after searching for a lot many forums i failed to find any working result. Lastly i tried what was in my mind and the knowledge of wordpress helped me fixing the problem.

I would first explain a bit of what the problem was at my side, but if you are in a hurry and just want to try out the solution, go to the end of this post and try it. When i moved from a linux hosting to a windows hosting, everything seems to be working fine untill i clicked the login button. The page tries to open up a new page with a query string “drupal node?destination=node”

The reason, to this was that in linux environment  URL rewrite is done using mod rewrite in .htaccess file, while in windows environment it was supposed to be done using web.config file. I tried to look for such information in .htaccess file but it dint helped, what you can do to fix it is to login as an administrator of the source website , and to directly to Administer -> content management -> Clean URLs and disable it.

After disabling it , go to your phpMyAdmin and export your db, then import it the new website DB and it will work. Some people on the internet also recommended to disable extra plugins before export , and that makes sense too but it dint helped me. Wish you good luck in getting this fixed for you.

Feel free to contact me if you cant solve the problem i might have some other suggestions for you with your specific requirements.

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