Linux commands i use over SSH

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Instead of keeping a list of commands on my desktop, isn’t it better to have it on my blog so that others can benifit from the list since these are the one that i use most frequently and they are a bit difficult w.r.t extra parameters to keep them in mind all the time.

Since i use Mac terminal quite often so i am not gonna write down very basic commands like ls, clear, etc.

If you are having difficulty reading the the post, try clicking the heading link for a better preview of this post in the full window. I will keep on adding more commands with time later on.

  • if your folder has subfolders you will need -r flag
    zip -r foldername/
  • find file name or directories without throwing errors
    find /home -name ‘x’ -type d -print 2>/dev/null
  • look for name server
    nslookup -type=ns
  • local over DNS (I dont use it in ssh , rather than on my mac terminal)
    sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

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