Love of Mac

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Its been years now since i longed to get a Mac, but my budget never let me spend that much to buy such a beautiful machine. I used to go to Apple store every time i see it in my city (since its not so common in country, and i hardly go pass by that store once in a blue moon). I always rush in there and gets my hands on one of the iMac or Macbook. Not only this if some one come over to meet me from another city i used to tell him we have an apple store here as well, let me show you…

And i took a few of my friends but later realized that its hard to find people with such crazy similar taste 😀 , the time flew by and I also flew to Europe for higher studies. I was shocked to see that every other person owns a mac at the university , and a few weeks later i found a lab full of Macs… wowowowow, i felt like i found way to heaven 😀 , i started doing all my work in that lab and sometimes i even stayed in lab all night long working on my beloved iMacs.

I did some freelance projects and within 5 months of my arrival in Europe i spared enough cash to get myself a mac. Thanks to eBay for finding me such a perfect machine with Hybrid drive , 4GB ram and a lot many more sky high specs.

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