Synergy – Boost your productivity!

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I wonder, how come i never googled for such a software earlier even when i am using two computers quite often. Its been many years i always have a pair of computers sometimes windows linux, sometimes laptop desktop and now i have MacBook Pro and windows at work while MacBookPro and Ubuntu at home. But strange enough that i always tried to use remote cotrol softwares rather than this one, which are a bit troublesome to setup and not so smooth. On the contrary, this one is way too smooth , it can detect the screen edges and even if you are running two different screen resolutions it works fine! Not only this , when it comes to mac and windows it can also map your keyboard command key to ctrl key on windows and it also sync your clipboard….

Thanks to my colleague Magnus Hammarström, for showing me this such a life saving software that has no doubt increased the productivity and easiness. I really recommend all my blog readers to install this software if you are using more than one computer!

Here is where you can download it for free!

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