Year in Review – 2012

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The blog post currently under the tip of my fingers is rather more about the feelings , thoughts and achievements that i can summarize today in my words. Though i tend to be very optimist, and so main motivation behind this blog post is to share my achievements and pay gratitudes to all who stood beside me during this time and of course to Allah Almighty for his countless favors and blessing  upon me.

The year started off, with my first job in Sweden. It was a bit stress with the new working environment but at the same time very interesting to be at work in a new country with a new language that I have to take care off.

I cant count the blessings throughout the year, but I can for sure write down a few of big achievements. For example : Swedish language, Visits 2 UK, Work visa, Big apparment, Gadgets (40″ LCD Tv, Xbox, 3TB HDD, DSLR and iPhone). For some of my readers these things might not be big enough but for me, when i compare these achievements relative to other fellows from Pakistan living in the same city i find my self very lucky to accomplish all of these milestones in a very short while.

Apart from these materialistic achievements, i am quite satisfied with my level of knowledge and God gifted capability of being very optimistic. I believe that everything depends on what and how you think. I am happy that I am no longer a negative minded person, and i hope Inshallah i’ll continue to even improve this more by meditating once a day.

Lets dive down a little more in details from the beginning of the year 2012, it started of with sizzling motivation of getting a new bigger apartment since i signed the contract a couple of days before Jan 1 2012. I also started a new job by the end of 2011 so i was very satisfied with my life and was planning big things for future. Later in the first month of 2012, i got my visit visa stamped for UK and i travelled to UK as well and met some of my very old friends.

Later, the move from one apartment to another showed me how cruel this world is and how people turn their back on you when you need help from someone, this made my mind to live at my own out from city center and stay a bit reserved with all those who tend to be my friend.

Summer 2012, went a bit slow but with the manifestation of one of my with to have a big TV screen along with gaming console. Then came some twist in life with the rejection of my visa application. But it happened for a reason to be even better, and finally i got my Swedish work permit in october 2012. This big achievement, brought further blessing of 14th November 2012 which is still a bit confidential but it will soon be out with a blast.

The year ended with a lot more sizzling achievements, for example i came across management and i landed the project along with my friend’s company inn0vators in Pakistan. And one more good freelance project. This year, the christmas sale was exactly what i wanted from the last 2 years, not because of what it was offering me but just because i had some cash in my bank to buy all this. One of the biggest achievement of 2012 is also interms of how much i saved this year and I plan to keep going untill i find a good investment opportunity.

The last day of 2012 increased my heart beat to another level by locking a new business deal that will Inshallah commence from today!

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